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If you are considering doing factory unlock of your iPhone but do not know whether it is clean, blocked or blacklisted then we are here to help you find out. Most web services that offer iPhone unlock, does not provide factory unlock to iPhone which is blocked or blacklisted. Now with the IMEI unlock all of this has changed and with this method you can even unlock iPhone with blocked IMEI code. If is need to you only to know on what Carrier Network is locked your iPhone go here on this iPhone IMEI Checker to find your Network Lock status.

Why it is important to know the IMEI status?

Because if you try to unlock a clean iPhone with a service that is meant to unlock iPhone with a blocked IMEI, the amount of money spend on that service will not be refunded. Because of this it is important to know the status of your iPhone or in other words to know whether the iPhone is listed as clean/blacklisted/blocked in Apple’s database.

Official GSX Balcklist Blocked IMEI Checker

Some time ago in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and some other countries, it was impossible to use, make calls, send sms or connect to internet with a Blocked/Blacklisted iPhone. With our service we can take care of this and allow you to use your iPhone as if it were new. Your iPhone will be unblocked and what is more important it will be factory unlocked so you can choose the mobile operator that suits your needs the best.

Our iPhone Blacklist checker will let you know whether your iPhone is clean/blocked or blacklisted and whether it has been reported as lost or stolen.

All of this with our web service iPhone Blacklist checker.

To use our iPhone Blacklist checker you will only need your iPhone IMEI code which can be found by either going to Settings-General-About or just type*#06#.

How to use iPhone Blacklist Check

  • In the provided form enter your iPhone IMEI code and your email address.
  • Click on Check Now
  • Complete the payment transaction via PayPal or DaPay.
  • After the payment is completed, your request will be processed and sent to the blacklist checker server.
  • Once it is finished the results will be send to your email address and the response will be Clean or Blocked IMEI…

Prior using the IMEI checker make sure that you select the original carrier to which y our iPhone was activated. It does not matter to which carrier it is now locked.

For more info contact our support center at any time 24/7.


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