Buy AT&T iPhone 6S Or 6S Plus And Get One Unlocked Free

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Amazing news come from the mobile operator AT&T. They have started to offer a free iPhone to all the buyers of an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. So far AT&T on their official website have been offering several Smartphone devices like Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 6 with the same offer, buy one and get another for free. Currently the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S + are not listed on the offer page but still a spokesperson of the company has revealed that AT&T will start running the same offer for the Apple iPhone 6S/6S+ as well.

The potential buyers should know that in order to take advantage of the offer they will be required to sign up for the AT&T Next plan and to buy an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S+. After the purchase is made the carrier will give them $650 credit which can be used to purchase another iPhone 6S with 64GB of storage or iPhone 6S + with 16 GB storage. This i great news, if order one iPhone 6s then other will get for free. If like to use on other carrier network we have solutions how to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6s here on our service. This is very nice options to buy two iPhone 6S from AT&T company and to pay only for one.

AT&T iPhone 6S Unlocked

Get Unlocked AT&T iPhone 6S For Free

The potential buyers who will opt in for the AT&T Next 24 Plan will be required to make a monthly payment of $21.67 in the next 30 months while the customers who will opt in for the AT&T Next Plan will pay $23.22 for the next 28 months. On both plans the total amount at the end of the contract is $650.

The additional $650 which the buyers will receive after they buy their first iPhone 6S/6S+ can be used to buy another iPhone. Still, it will be required the second iPhone Unlocked bought with the credit to be of higher storage capacity than the purchased one and the buyers will need to pay for the cost difference between the two devices.

The customers will be able to see the credit on their invoices after the third invoice cycle. Also, the customers will have to pay for additional expenses such as like the service and taxes charges. To qualify for the offer you must be a good standing AT&T subscriber. This offer – buy one and get another one free iPhone 6S/6S+ will expire at the end of December 31.

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