Factory Unlock Your iPhone 6s and Customize it Your Way

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Most of the wireless network operators offer cheap iPhone 6S deals if you agree to sign a contract with them that you will use their particular network services for period of around two years. In this way you can obtain cheap iPhone 6S, however you cannot use different network operator. In this way the network operator can make a lot of money thru the monthly call plans and contracts. On first sight you may think that you are getting the better bargain of the deal by getting a really expensive device such as the iPhone 6S for a cheap price, however if you think again you will be stuck with the services of one network operator and obliged to make monthly payments for a long time. And if you are person that needs to travel quite often you may find out on first hand on why it is much better to have factory unlocked iPhone device. Now, even though you sign a contract with a network operator that you will use their services for extended period of time, this does not mean that you cannot factory unlock your device and be able to use other networks. You will still have to pay small monthly fee that you have agreed with the operator, however if you unlock your iPhone you will get to enjoy many new features and you can choose the operator that suits you needs the best.

Factory Unlock iPhone 6S

Factory Unlocked iPhone 6S brings a lot of benefits

Unlocked iPhone 6s has many advantages. For instance, you can put a SIM card from the local network provider and thus avoid paying the expensive roaming charges if you happen to travel abroad. Furthermore, when factory unlocked, you can make customized changes of your iPhone 6S features in accordance with your needs. The unlocking procedure is safe and will not harm your device. It uses the unique IMEI code of the device and will provide you with permanent iPhone unlock. The procedure is legal and it is conducted thru the Apple servers.

In order to conduct factory unlock iPhone 6S you only need to send the IMEI code to a unlock provider such as MyunlockService.com. Once the process is completed, you will be notified via email and then you will be asked to do Update and Restore via iTunes to activate your device and complete the unlock. Once the iTunes activation is complete, the iPhone 6S will be factory unlocked and you can start using it on different mobile operators.

The warranty will not be lost 

If you use the IMEI unlock method the warranty of your iPhone 6S will not be affected and the device will be unlocked permanently. Once unlocked, as I have previously said you can customize your device and add and modify its features to suit your needs the best.

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