How To Check Network Reports By IMEI For Free

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The IMEI number of your iPhone can provide you with many useful information. The main reason on why the IMEI code is so important is because it enables you to check the Network Status of the device. This can be very useful when considering doing an Unlock your device (Permanent Network Unlock). If you check the IMEI code of your iDevice you can also find out if your iPhone is still under Contract, whether it has replaced IMEI number, whether it is network locked or if it is reported as Stolen/Lost/Blacklisted/Barred.

Check Network

Reasons on why it is important do conduct Network Check with IMEI Number

  • You will find out to which particular Mobile operator your iPhone is locked and thus be able to get an Unlock your iPhone.
  • Find out to which mobile network a particular Second-Hand iPhone you intent to purchase is locked to.

Once you know the Locked status, the Network as well as whether the device is blocked or reported as stolen/lost you can make the best decision when buying a second hand iPhone device.

What can happen if I do not do IMEI Network check?

If you avoid doing an Check IMEI iPhone of the device you consider buying because you have found very favorable online offer with good price and good condition you may be disappointed to find out that:

  • If the device is locked, it will be required to find out to which particular operator is locked and use a online service to unlock it (it is not free)
  • If the device is blocked/blacklisted you will also need to find out which Mobile operator has blocked it and then find a service provider that can unlock it (it costs a lot of money to unlock Blocked iPhone and you cannot use that particular device in the country where it was blocked)
  • The worst case scenario is that the iPhone cannot be Unlocked. In this way you will have really expensive iPod and you will not be able to make phone calls.

How Can I check the Network with the IMEI number?

This is a simple task because MyUnlockService is online unlock provider that can securely and safely provide you with a Full IMEI report in only one hour. The entire procedure is safe and fast, and on top of that the transaction is secure because it is being processed.

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