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This is official IMEI Checker service for any apple models, legally check imei iPhone to find all about your iPhone device’s original mobile operator, Activation Status, warranty period and SIM unlock details by IMEI Code only with our iPhone IMEI Checker tool. The IMEI Check for iPhone is done using GSX Apple paid service.

A software app to check imei iPhone can be only developed by companies that actually have access to some of Apple’s GSX Servers (this stands for Global Service Exchange servers). Shortly explained this stands for a very large database in which all the IMEI codes of all Apple products are contained.

The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or more commonly known as IMEI is a number which is used to identify valid devices on networks. In the GSX servers all the IMEI numbers are stored but there also is stored data which is associated with the IMEI numbers. So briefly put this means that in the GSX servers is contained all the data about the iPhone devices.

In a lot of countries throughout the world the iPhone can be obtained inexpensively but the cost is that you must oblige with a contract with a certain mobile operator for a period of 2 years. At start this may sound like a good idea but a lot of users find this contract to be troublesome because it limits their freedom when it comes to using their iPhone devices.

With our iPhone IMEI Checker we are able to run thorough check on all iPhone details by only using the IMEI Code.

iPhone IMEI Check Important Information

Because just before you purchase an iPhone you need to properly inspect it first (eBay users should know better). There is more to the iPhone’s than just their visual appearance. I am not saying that you ought not to check the physical condition of the device, however there are several other important things to check and this is why the check imei iPhone comes in hand. It is quite useful; and it is also fast and extremely cheap.

iPhone Unlock Check the SIM-LOCK Status

When using the iPhone IMEI Checker you will immediately find out one very important thing, whether your device is locked or unlocked. You should know that if locked you can use that particular iPhone only on one Mobile Operator and it will be unable to read SIM cards from different operators. In order to unlock it, if possible you will have to pay for the unlock. So this is one of the most information when considering buying a second hand iPhone.

If you have a factory unlocked iPhone device then you are able to use it on any GSM mobile operator throughout the world without any limitations. You can travel abroad and use the SIM cards from the local operators without any difficulties.

iPhone Carrier Check Service

Another very important thing to have in mind and which you will be able to find out is to which Carrier Network exactly your device is currently locked to. This is very important to know because if you decided to unlock you should know that the price is different for every network. One example of this is if you have iPhone that is locked to AT&T USA Carrier you can unlock the device for around £25. However, if it is locked on T-Mobile USA the price will be over £120.

IMEI iPhone Blacklist Check Service

This is something that is crucial and you definitively must check. With the iPhone IMEI Check you will find out the status of your device and whether it is reported as Stolen or Lost. If buying an iPhone via internet you may find a lot of Lost or Stolen devices being sold so this is really important. It is illegal to have blacklisted iPhone so you must do a Blacklist check.

iPhone iCloud Lock Check Service

The latest security feature, Find my iPhone provides the users with the best protection of their devices. When buying a used iPhone device you always must check if the iCloud Lock is enabled. If it is ON then that means that you can use the device only with the iCloud login credentials of the previous owner. So always check if the Find my iPhone feature is OFF.

Check if the iPhone is IN or OUT of Contract

Whether your device is still under contract or not makes a difference in some mobile networks although not in every one. However, if you want to officially unlock your iPhone then knowing the Contract status of your device is definitively something you should know. Here on this service will warranty check to see is still active or not.

Check if the iPhone still has payments remaining

You should know that there are a lot of iPhone users who instead of paying their contract invoices they decide to sell their device. In this way they avoid to avoid paying the bills but also earning extra money by selling the device. You should know this because if you purchase a device of this kind, the Mobile network to which the device is locked will “tag” that particular iPhone with outstanding financial payment and will not allow for the device to be unlocked. So when in situation like this you are left with 2 options: Find the original owner and ask him to pay (not likely to happen) or make an agreement with the Mobile network. So always do this check.

How to use iPhone IMEI Check Service

  • Step 1: First of all you will need your iPhone’s IMEI code. To find it go to Settings-General-About or on the dial pad type *#06#.
  • Step 2: In the online order form provide the IMEI code and place an Order for our express iPhone IMEI checker service.
  • Step 3: Finish the payment transaction using PayPal or DalPay. Then wait around 5-10 minutes and an email will be sent by our support team with complete info about your device.

Remember that the iPhone IMEI checker works by checking the IMEI code directly from Apple’s database by GSX account and uses an existing and official IMEI Checker website. When running the check if the response is an email which says that your iPhone is Unlocked then your device is factory unlocked and you are not restricted to one mobile carrier. IF you receive an email which says Locked then you will have to use our service.

Getting Started

MyUnlockService is a service which has complete access to all Apple GSX servers and they can provide you with all the iPhone services in the fastest time possible. One of the best services that they provide is the “Network Unlock Recommendation”. This means that after you conduct a full iPhone IMEI Check, the company will also recommend to you which particular service is ideal for your iPhone. In this way you will be able to save both, money and time.

To begin with the IMEI unlock process you will need all the details such as your country, the carrier to which your device is currently locked to and the model. Once the Unlock is finished your iPhone IMEI code will be added in Apple’s White list database and your device will be fully and Unlocked and can be used with any Mobile operator throughout the world.

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  1. Kyle

    Thanks, this is very fast service for 10 sec i recive full info for my iPhone 6. Thanks for MyUnlockService this is the best service.

    5 out of 5
  2. Fernando

    In 5 sec I recive information for my IMEI Code. Thanks

    IMEI: 013626007918078
    S/N: F2LL231NDTWF
    ICCID: 89441000302087757282
    Activated: Yes
    iOS: 8.1.2
    First Activation Date: 2013-08-01
    Last Activation Date: 2013-08-09
    Warranty Ends on: 2014-07-31
    Purchase Date: 2013-08-01
    Bluetooth Mac Address: A4:C3:61:53:07:6E
    WiFi Mac Address: A4C36153076D
    Find my iPhone: ON
    ZIP/SSN Required: N/A
    Initial Activation Policy Description: 270 – UK Vodafone
    Next Tether Policy Details: 270 – UK Vodafone
    Carrier: Vodafone UK
    Lock Status: Locked

    5 out of 5
  3. Forhad Ahmed

    iCloud unlock IME 013621007816570

    4 out of 5
  4. Cliffton Peete

    I unlocked my iPhone on this site, this is trusted service. When I check my IMEI code here, then order factory unlock service.

    1 out of 5

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