Tips How To IMEI Factory Unlock Your Precious iPhone

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The most popular Smartphone brand in the world- Apple’s iPhone is really effective and useful device that offers you the top notch apps and features for IMEI Factory Unlock. Still, due to its expensive price many users decide to purchase it factory locked for a lower price. However, due to this, you cannot use the device to its fullest capacity. That is why so many users are trying really hard to find an effective unlocking method. You may have heard about hardware or software unlocking, jailbreaking or Factory unlocking as methods that can unlock your iPhone. However, you need to realize that there is only one effective method which can really unlock your iPhone from any network and that is the IMEI unlock method.

Why use IMEI Factory Unlock

One of the greatest benefits from IMEI Factory unlocking your iPhone is that you will have the network compatibility option. In other words, this means that once unlocked you will be able to use your iPhone with any other GSM network carrier across the globe according to your choice. In this way, you will not be required to use the network services of only one carrier and you will have several SIM choices before you. Furthermore, the factory unlocked iPhone’s features can be modified and you can made customizations. Also, you can even update the firmware of your device without having to worry that it may be relocked.

Factory Unlock iPhone

How to order IMEI Factory Unlock

To order factory unlock iPhone via IMEI method you will need to use some reliable unlocking service. Go to that unlock service website and make the order. You will have to select your original GSM carrier to which your iPhone is tied to. After that, you will also need to provide the IMEI code of the device you wish to unlock. Once you have provided these details, the unlocking provider will send you confirmation email.

Usually the unlock delivery time lasts from a few hours to a few days. It all depends to which network carrier your iPhone is tied to. Once the unlocking process is finished, it will be required from you to activate your iPhone. You can do this by launching the latest iTunes version and make Update and Restore of your recently unlocked iPhone. Once the activation is complete, the entire Factory unlock process will be finished and you can use different GSM network carrier’s services without any problems.

What you should know

Even though the entire IMEI Factory unlock procedure is quite simple, there are some things you must carefully check before ordering unlock.

  • First of all check the original GSM network to which your iPhone is tied to
  • It is required that you have cleared all of your bills and fees with your network operator with regard to your iPhone
  • The iPhone which you wish to unlock must not be blacklisted or barred and it should not be reported as stolen or lost.

If you meet the criteria above then you can proceed and order factory unlock.

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