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In Switzerland there are several popular mobile operators among which is Orange, and if your iPhone is locked on this carrier here will unlock to use on other sim card. It is quite easy and far cheaper to obtain iPhone device by signing a one or two year contract with these particular carriers so that is why many iPhone users decide to use this method. Even though you get your iPhone for far more cheaper price in the end if you do the math you will realize that it is practically the same thing but with the exception now that you must use the particular carrier services for that allocated time period.

Now sometimes the operators may provide with excellent services to its users but still being restricted to one particular carrier can prove to be troublesome to some users so that is why there are many people who are currently searching for a reliable unlocking solution which will allow them to permanently solve this issue.

There is some good news for the users who have iPhone locked to Orange Switzerland. It is possible to have your iPhone unlocked from this carrier using one unique unlocking method. There is no need to download or install some additional software tools nor will it be expensive. In matter of fact this is the cheapest unlocking solution available on the market and on top of that it is safe, secure and legal. Once unlocked your iPhone will be added in Apple’s white list database and will be registered in the directory as officially unlocked.

How To Unlock Orange Switzerland iPhone

The unlocking solution which you will be required to use is commonly known as IMEI unlock. This method can unlock almost all Apple devices including iPad and iPod touch. When unlocking it does not matter on which iOS version your device operates because they are all supported. Same applies for the broadband as well.

There are several reasons on why you should consider using the IMEI unlock:

  • Quite simple method but at the same time very effective
  • Cheap and affordable price
  • Fast unlock delivery time.
  • Warranty will not be voided
  • Official and Legit solution

And what is more important with this unlocking solution you will not be required to send away your device because the unlock will be completed online. So the only requirement for this unlocking method to work is to provide the correct IMEI code of the iPhone locked on Orange Switzerland which you wish to unlock.

You can find the IMEI code quite easily: Go to Settings — > General — > About — > Scroll down — > your IMEI is here; or – Dial *#06# — > after a few seconds the IMEI will be displayed on screen.

Now that you know the correct IMEI of your device just click on the link on our official website which says “Unlock Now” to order. After that you will be provided an online form which you will need to complete and after that Add the IMEI code. Next, you will be asked to pay the required unlock fee and once you do immediately you will receive an email notification that your iPhone will be unlocked.

Once the unlock is completed we will inform you by sending you email and we will ask you to activate your iPhone to complete the unlock Orange iPhone process. The activation is via iTunes and it requires from the user to Update and Restore his iPhone. Once you finish the activation your device will be unlocked from Orange Switzerland and you will be able to use it on any operator you like.


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